We live in an interesting time of very rapid development of technologies – in particular, the Internet is developing so rapidly that the bookmaking activity has long gone a long way. Today we are offered to be put not only on some sporting events, but also on computer games, which some 10 or 15 years ago seemed something incredible. So esports bet – what do betting operators offer?

We put on Dota 2 – what you need to know?

esports betIf you are just starting to be interested in the world of cybersports, you will surely pay attention to the famous game called Dota 2. Our material will be useful for bettors who are just making their first steps in the world of eSports and although they need to figure out what it is, how they take bets here and what they should be guided by, predicting this or that outcome?

Where does the money in eSports come from?

Probably what e-sports is, they know, if not all, but very many. Yes, of course, there are eSports teams that go to tournaments and get good money for it. However, most people do not even imagine the turnover of this market. At first glance, there is really no money in eSports, but if you dig a little lower, this viewpoint does not hold water. Let’s try to deal with the money issue of eSports.